Jon Sine Analog House 2

Jon Sine Analog House 2

Jon Sine: Analog House #2 by BVKER is the second installment to an up-and-coming series and comes loaded with 240 Drum One-Shots, 235 Melody One-Shots, 40 Serum Presets, and 30 Original Samples taken from his latest release, "Love or Let Go".

It blends the analog warmth of hardware synthesis with the flexibility and accuracy of digital instruments. To achieve the vision, Jon used a top-level signal chain to record. Next, they were transferred to Serum using an OSC noise system and mixed with other oscillators, effects, and modulations to produce entirely new textures.

Product Details:

- 240 Drum One-Shots
- 235 Melody One-Shots
- 40 Serum Presets
- 30 Original Samples
- 100% Royalty-Free

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