Carma Studio Circuit Scanners Signal Noise

Carma Studio Circuit Scanners Signal Noise

We’ve dug deep into the circuit paths of electronic equipment using signal tracers to scan and record electronic noise and electromagnetic fields (EMF) emanating from electronic equipment.

This second in a series of three sound libraries focus on the elements of steady signal noise & radiation background mostly in the mid to high frequencies. Includes static noise, buzz & hum interference with pops, snaps, crackles, beeps and glitch tones. Be careful for your ears, some of these are nasty sounding.

80 sound effects created as 10-second files that can be used to create an environment, whooshes or looped and layered to make atmospheres. Recordings were left as raw as possible keeping all the bits intact for designing new creations. Great for technology, Sci-Fi, noise interference, data transmission, electronic communication & computer circuits.

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