Sonic Collective Nagra Tape Explorations

Sonic Collective Nagra Tape Explorations

In 1951 Stefan Kudelski developed the Nagra I, a high-quality reel to reel tape recorder that was quickly sought after for its compact ruggedness and reliability. The Nagra series would go on to revolutionize the world of radio broadcasting, television, documentary filmmaking, and cinema. Over the following years Kudelski continuously improved upon his original concepts and in 1972 introduced the Nagra 4.2. This iteration features microphone input capability, built-in equalizers, and a compressor/limiter.

Fast forward to 2021…

The New York City based production team (Christopher Ottaviano & David Levitan) have returned with a new collection of sounds titled Nagra Tape Explorations. This pack features hard-hitting drum loops, lush synthesizers, wavy electric guitars, and inspiring song-starters. In addition, you’ll find a variety of experimental tape manipulation techniques and chopped melodic loops. All samples were processed through the Nagra 4.2, giving each sound the elevated quality of warm tape compression and the punchy clarity of its unique preamp.

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