ModeAudio Piano Texture Loops

ModeAudio Piano Texture Loops

Welcome to the dense, richly detailed sound of Piano Texture Loops, our latest Mini Pack which transforms the humble piano into a giant generator of evolving, kaleidoscopic ambience!

This royalty-free collection of 50 shimmering, intricate and delicate texture loops takes a handful of our own pristine piano recordings and turns them into a huge variety of cascading melodic layers, shifting bass drones and floating metallic resonances.

From warm swirls of blurry piano chords to racing rivulets of hammering tones, taking in deep seas of vibrating bass notes along the way, this entire set of widescreen soundbeds is presented as 8 bar, 120 Bpm audio files, infinitely loopable and steeped in organic character and spirit.

Mood, emotion and momentum collide across this expansive palette of stunning sonic colours, lending a vivid, unfolding backdrop to your beats or softly smouldering core to your Ambient, Downtempo and Soundtrack projects.

Paint an expressive soundscape within your music, where sea meets earth and earth meets air - download Piano Texture Loops and pick up your brushes now!

Pack Contents

15 Bass Texture Loops
26 Piano Texture Loops
9 Rhythm Texture Loops
50 Texture Loops In Total (120 Bpm)

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