Splice Sessions West African Visions

Splice Sessions West African Visions

This release is part two of a two-part series (following West African Meditations) featuring folk instrumentation and free-flowing musical passages commonly used in West African traditions. Recorded and produced at La Boutique Studios Dakar by Pape Armand Boye, this collection provides further insights into the sonic experience of West African spirituality, where music is the centerpiece of celebrations and rituals. In this pack, you'll find West African rhythms, vocals, and instruments such as the balafon, ngoni, and kora. Plus, synths, guitars, drums, and percussion.

The musicians who played on these Sessions include:

Yann Moni - guitars
Dembel Diop - bass
Gina Sane - kora
Thio Mbaye - percussion
Djibril Diabate - balafon
Gina sane - vocals
Rene Shalom - electric guitar
Mermoz - keyboards

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