ModeAudio Smokestack Industrial Ambient Loops

ModeAudio Smokestack Industrial Ambient Loops

'Smokestack - Industrial Ambient Loops' from ModeAudio emerges from the depths amidst reverberant, metallic clangs and the mechanic pulsing of heavy machinery, like a dark, dusty cloud of dystopian texture echoing out across a deserted factory floor!

This heavyweight, 864MB selection of royalty-free music loops offers a deep, rough-hewn palette of industrial punch, ranging from menacing synth drones and shadowy Ambience to layers of airy field recordings and pounding, motorised rhythm.

At the core of the collection lies 150 tempo-synchronised music loops, encompassing shape-shifting atonal drones, rumbling sub bass, fraying layers of noise, and frenzied washes of granular synthesis, all underpinned by a set of abrasive, heavy-duty drum loops.

Suited to producers of Ambient, Soundtrack, Techno, and Downtempo, the sounds span a range of tempos from 86 up to 145 Bpm and provide a dense, diverse set of sonic colours for painting immersive, discordant worlds within your DAW.

Tour the industrial ruins and discover the blissful treasure of decay - download 'Smokestack - Industrial Ambient Loops' today!

Pack Contents

30 Drum Loops (Main Drums & Hi Hats)
30 Percussion Loops
15 Sub Bass Loops
30 Drone Loops
15 Granular Synthesis Loops
15 Synth Texture Loops
15 Noise Loops
150 Music Loops

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