Komorebi Audio Guilt Chip Hypercolour Dubstep

Komorebi Audio Guilt Chip Hypercolour Dubstep

Komorebi Audio presents Guilt Chip – Hypercolour Dubstep, an incredibly bright and futuristic sample pack bursting with extreme EDM bass samples, tonal growls, futuristic and experimental synth sounds and groundbreaking fx. This sample pack is the perfect addition to your heavy dubstep and EDM sound library.

100% original sound design that takes advantage of both hardware and software means that the sounds in this sample pack are extremely thick, unique and cut through even the fullest of mixes. Synthetic slap snares, tight kicks and noisy hihats come together to provide serious bounce and beautifully accompany the onslaught of growls and screeches that lurk below.

Included you will find an entire arsenal of EDM bass samples and tearout dubstep screeches, groans, growls and other experimental elements. All EDM bass samples have been provided as dry one shot sounds and without sub for the cleanest and most usable sounds.

All drum one shots and sounds have been completely crafted from scratch using software such as serum and ran through various audio hardware units for extra thickness and glitched mangling.

The melodic loops are a mixture of traditional EDM compositions and seriously warped experimental tones created using advanced synthesis and sound design techniques.

All sounds are 100% royalty free and provided as 24 bit WAV files.

Created in Oklahoma by sound designer and producer Guilt Chip.

Pack Breakdown

40 bass samples
21 kick samples
15 hihat samples
20 snare samples
5 fx loops
10 full drum loops
10 hihat loops
10 no kick loops
10 glitch drum loops
40 bass loops
40 synth songstarter loops

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