Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Demon

Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Demon

'AAA Game Character Demon' from Epic Stock Media is another game character voice pack. Introducing the first of this 'Game Character' series, this product is a robust vocal sound effects bank that brings rich and dynamic game-ready voice audio assets.

Expect to find over 450 scripted custom lines, battle cries, fight vocals and everything you need to build a compelling dark antagonist dialogue and in-game audio experiences. Presented in multiple formats such as 96kHz/24-Bit, 44.1kHz/16-Bit and game-ready MP3, 'AAA Game Character Demon' is built to provide an reliable source bank of epic fantasy vocals, dialogue and immersive fight and cut scenes in your next epic fantasy adventure production.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs)
036 x Battle Crys/Roars/Long/Short/Snort
003 x Breathing/Deep/Quick
014 x Coughing/Hacking/Gross
008 x Crying/Slow/Fast
164 x Custom Lines Like Allow Me to End You/I Shall Deliver You To Your Death
029 x Fight Vocals/Hit/Swing/Growl/Grunt
023 x Jumping/Short/Long/Double Jump
023 x Laughing/Building/Explosive/Low
017 x Pain Vocals/Choking/Dying/Short/Long
142 x Stock Lines Like I Cannot Do That/At Your Service/Draw Swords/I Am Out Of Mana
458 x Game Ready Voice Audio Assets Files In Total
All In 24-Bit/96k (.WAVs) File Format
Compatible With All DAWs

100% Royalty-Free

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