Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Dragon

Epic Stock Media AAA Game Character Dragon

'AAA Game Character Dragon' by Epic Stock Media provides you with over 420 immersive, game-ready voiceover sound files, vocalisations, battle cries, custom dialogue lines, and everything needed to create compelling cinematic scenes, outstanding game experiences and more.

Unleash the mighty dragon overlord in your next fantasy game production. This sound collection features a dominating villain that's ready to feast on your enemies' charred remains. Some of his favorite hobbies are looting, hoarding heaps of treasure, laying vast to nearby towns and sleeping the day away at the highest peaks in the mountains.

The Dragon's vocal is deep, dynamic, looming, and rich with texture. Perfect for a villain, enemy boss, NPC, or antagonist character in your next game. His voice is ready to go out of the box but is clean enough for further processing. Adding reverb and pitch shifting down/deeper will get you some crazy depths and dimensions with his voice.

All of the recordings are delivered in 96khz/24-Bit WAV file format, giving you the best quality for heavy sound editing, pitching shifting and FX processing while keeping a top notch level of clarity and precision.

Let the sun set on your enemies' pitiful existences, penetrate strongholds with firestorms and blasts, and scourge the realms of fantasy worlds with the king of the mountain. 'AAA Game Character Dragon' is not only packed with high-quality voice recordings but includes precisely thought out, cohesive scripted dialogue and vocalisations to help you build believeable fantasy stories, game trailers, in-game characters, moments and so much more.

Product Specifications:

Format: (.WAVs)
021 x Battle Cries And Sayings
012 x Breathing Types - Deep/Growling/Low/Soft/Heavy
012 x Coughing Types - Wheezy/Throaty/Hacking/Laughing/Stock/Sick/Short
010 x Sad Cries - Sad/Pitiful/Blubbering/Short
138 x Immersive Custom Dialogue Lines - I Am The Destroyer Of All Things/The Dragon Of War Has Come
027 x Fight Vocals - Aggressive/Angry/Growl/Groan/Swing/Swipe/Grunt/Roar
020 x Jumping Vocalisations - Big/Double Jump/Leap/Growl/Quick/Roaring
017 x Laughing Vocal Files - Amused/Deep/Evil/Chuckle/Sarcastic/Soft Evil Low/Short
021 x Pain Vocals - Dying/Hurt/Wounded/Painful/Growling Pain
151 x Stock Dialogue Lines Like - Yes Master/First Blood/Thank You
429 x Fantasy Character Voice-Over Audio Files In Total
All In 24-Bit/96kHz (.WAVs) File Format
Compatible With All DAWs

100% Royalty-Free
Perfect For Fantasy Games/Film And Trailers

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