Epic Stock Media Apocalyptic Game

Epic Stock Media Apocalyptic Game

Collect crafting minerals and materials to create weapons, mods, items or buildings. Have all the high-quality sound needed to slot in different esthetics to you characters bag & inventory. Now you can outfit your next dark dystopian themed game with a complete post nuclear sound effects collection inspired by major game hits like Apex, Fortnite, and Fallout. Introducing “Apocalyptic Game” – a highly focused and proprietary blend of post apocalyptic RPG game sound effects library.

Inside this devastating sound library you’ll discover a bountiful assortment of noteworthy game ready, organic and designed special effects, abilities, achievements, game items, simple to complex sounds, versatile crafting essentials, apocalyptic UI/UX sounds, shelter creation and building sounds, pickups, consumable items, locks, mechanisms, materials, inventory and bag sounds.

The Apocalyptic Game sound effects collection gives veteran producers, game developers, and sound designers the quality that is needed for big game title releases and a vast catalog of almost every futuristic and post apocalyptic sound type needed for your games audio and sound sets. From natural and organic sounds minimal designed SFX to simple and complex and processed digital sound effects. This sound library will complete just about any project where inventory, menu, treasure, awards, items, crafting, materials, building, and creation game sounds are required.

Apocalyptic Game sound library was highly curated and created specifically for game developers and sound designers to provide a valuable sound resource, offer versatility, value, and a useful sound palette of sounds that can be used in longevity and have a shelf life for years to come. Trust us, if you want an end of the world deal, the sounds in Apocalyptic Game are top notch and the library will pay for itself not once but over and over again. Even after an Armageddon.

Product Details:

540 Mixed and Mastered Audio Files
Inspired by FPS, War, and RPG games
Perfect set of sound effects for War, Inventory, Crafting, User Interface, and In-Game Actions
Great for rapid prototyping or final game sound implementation
All in 96k 24bit .WAV File Format
Includes Soundminer Metadata
6 minutes of game audio
39 special abilities like spread public order, slow time, increase unit damage, stimulate growth
24 achievements, level ups, gained XP, quest issued & more
27 armor & clothing sounds in sets: cloth, leather, metal plate, metal thin, synth hi-tech
32 crating minerals and material sounds like acid container, crystals, nuclear material, bone use/pick up & more
177 organic and designed game items – useful for all in-game actions – computer chip pick up, burned book, liquid, ammo crate, coolant, ID card, document, IV bag, knife, injector, military bag, pocket watch, rat poison, plants
37 consumable items like radiation pills, eat dry food, consume bubbles, use bandaids, inject stimpak, health spray
29 mechanisms that are perfect for ammo, reloading, weapons, and locks/unlocks
31 alerts and notifications – common, uncommon, rare, energy point, air siren, nuclear area
40 shelter creation and building select and placement – radio station set up, construction complete, create water treatment facility, build watch tower
56 UI/UX – button, clicks, insufficient resources, general scroll, add point, map popup, place item, inventory ammo, medicine, weapon & more!
48 building UI – build, place, repair, select, add, salvage
All Royalty-Free

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