The Kount Kount Drums Vol.4

The Kount Kount Drums Vol.4

It’s a truth so fundamental it bears repeating: Drums make or break a record.

Introducing Kount Drums Volume 4, the latest in revolutionary percussive technology.

For this newest installment in the series, slap scientist The Kount has preserved the warmth and versatility you know and love from Volumes 1-3, and infused them with cutting-edge sonic innovation. The result: heat-seeking one shots, lush multi-purpose textures, and drum loops with cavernous pockets.

When producers such as Madlib, !llmind, and Kenny Beats need the elusive substance known as “slap” isolated and distilled from its many organic sources, they choose Kount Drums.

Kount Drums Volume 4 contains the following implements:

25 Percussion Loops
30 Programmed Drum Loops
21 Claps/Snares
9 Hihats
13 Hihat Loops
4 Cymbals
11 Kicks
60 Percussion One Shots
23 Textures/Misc Sounds

196 Sounds total

All sounds have been carefully inspected to meet our rigorous standards, and field-tested in a variety of real-life beat scenarios to ensure their quality cuts through even the densest of mixes.

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