TrakTrain Neo Warrior

TrakTrain Neo Warrior

Traktrain presents the "Neo Warrior" Sample Pack with 310 samples of various instruments. It contains bass, drum, melody loops, and various one-shots. This kit is perfect for making New School, Grime, and Phonk. However, it will also shine in such genres as Trap, Trip-Hop, and even EDM.

Aside from the usual one-part loops, we introduce Beat Loops that each include a drum loop with a fitting bassline. Using them, you make sure that you get the advantage of inherent cohesion between the drums and the base. From this, you build the rest of your track using whatever sonic palette. It might include other elements of the "Neo Warrior" kit: melody and percussion loops and shots, as well as some effects samples. The latter feature unusual swooping and metallic noises that bring up the imagery of spacious halls. As for melody loops, there are two variants: intro loops for setup, and drop loops for the sudden rhythmic change.

The code of the Warrior remains the same, it's just the setting that's changed.

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