Sample Tools by Cr2 Mainroom Anthems

Sample Tools by Cr2 Mainroom Anthems

Do you crave having all the tools to make hard hitting festival anthems at your fingertips? Sample Tools provide you with the highest quality samples. This pack includes, scintillating synth loops, devastating drum hits, booming drum loops, badass basslines and much more.

In this pack we provide you with MIDI loops for all the bass and melodic loops included. Allowing you to customise the harmonics of your productions to your hearts content. Also part of the pack is a bank of detailed spire presets. These give you the opportunity to experiment with all the sounds provided, and take your production to the next level.

For those that want to fast-track their way to monstrous Mainroom Anthems, there are 3 songstarters provided. All elements of the songstarters are broken down into stems giving you the perfect insight into creating those mainroom smashers.

All the samples in this sample pack are 100% royalty free.


Total File Size (Unzipped): 337MB
Total Audio Files: 227
Total MIDI Files: 30
5 x Bass Hits
20 x Bass Loops
10 x Claps
10 x Hats
5 x Kicks
10 x Percs
10 x Snares
5 x Tonal Kicks
50 x Drum Loops
5 x FX
20 x MIDI
5 x Presets
3 x Songstarters (72 Audio Files, 10 MIDI)
5 x Synth Hits
20 x Synth Loops

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