Ghost Syndicate Flux

Ghost Syndicate Flux

'Flux' by Ghost Syndicate is a sumptuous collection packed with airtight sonics for creating dense and flowing Drum'n'Bass grooves with a crisp and polished edge.

Inspired by the latest fog horn and Minimal roller vibes, 'Flux' covers multiple aspects of Drum'n'Bass production, offering an all-round toolkit for extracting high-quality new-school grooves: from clockwork 2-Step to broken and Techstep like, all the way to Minimal and focused, with dark plastic kicks and pointy snares to give your tunes that new underground feel.

The basses clearly aim to be the centerpiece of the picture, with bass loops and one-shots ranging from super fat sub-heavy wobblers to ear-piercing distorted hammer-the-rusty-old-barrel stabs, all the way to acidic and Jump-Up-like mid-range pitbull bites; and of course the all-favoured rolla-style distorted horns stretching across multiple bars of your drops will ensure the sickest grooves you'd ever wish to produce.

But the fun doesn't end there, as the pack includes a multitude of other sounds, like surgically precise drum fills, tight and bright percussive shuffles, various FXs (Bass FXs, Downshifters, Impacts, Sweeps), and mutated Synth One Shots and Loops

And as a bonus, there's an extra selection of Drum FX loops, and creatively resampled melodic loops, all to give your tracks unique personality!

Product Details:

172-176 BPM
34 Drum Fills
76 Drum Loops
72 Hi-hat Loops
40 Percussion Loops
47 Top Loops
13 Shuffles
40 Cymbals
56 Hats
53 Kicks
36 Open Hats
54 Percs
14 Shakers
4 Toms
47 Snares
6 Ambient Fx Loops
10 Vox Fxs
13 Downlifter Fxs
5 Foley Percussion Loops
10 Impact Fxs
6 Noise Fx Loops
12 Noise Sweeps
8 Riser Fx Loops
4 Glitch Fx One Shots
9 Laser Fx One Shots
2 Fx One Shots
2 Siren Fx One Shots
12 Bass Fx One Shots
72 Bass Loops
82 Bass One Shots
27 Music Loops
60 Synth Loops
30 Synth One Shots
5 Synth Fx One Shots
13 Bonus Drum Loops
16 Drum Fx Loops
20 Resampled Melody Loops

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