Sample Market Originals iO Mulen

Sample Market Originals iO Mulen

The sixth edition of our exclusive 'Original Series' comes from Ukrainian artist IO (Mulen). The owner of Mulen Records delivers an incredible collection of sounds with his strictly non-commercial music format, recognisable grooves, unhurried rhythms and jazz riffs.

Here is what you will find in this 1.3 GB of Royalty-Free Signature Sounds and Loops :
Drum Loops -> Shuffling house grooves and swing beats bursting with smart drum programming.

Music Loops - Hypnotic sequences, spacey synths, dreamy sounds and melodic hooks designed to inspire.

Bass Loops -> Funk-injected basslines, deep subs, wonky basses, sequences and more.

Pads -> Deep, immersive pads and spacey textures essential to deeper shades of house.

Chords Loops -> Deep chord sequences and classic deep house inspired keys,

Backgrounds & Textures -> Percussive sequences and glitches, perfect for injecting movement to your tracks

SFX -> Reverses, risers, fallers, impacts and hits

Arpeggiator Loops -> A selection of exquisite arpeggios. From the dark and driving to the deep and trippy, these loops are packed with inspiration.

Percussion Loops -> Processed percussive grooves and patterns ideal for building a beat.

All loops are tempo labelled and all music loops are also key-labelled.


120 Drum Loops
100 Synth & Music Loops
85 Pads
55 Bass Loops
30 Chord Loops
30 Backgrounds & Textures
15 Arpeggiator Loops
20 Percussion Loops

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