Loopmasters Drums Of The Wildlands

Loopmasters Drums Of The Wildlands

Loopmasters are proud to present Drums of the Wildlands, a cinematic percussion collection with all sorts of metallic and junk-based sounds giving you the tools for a very apocalyptic and dystopian vibe in your arrangements. This exclusive sample pack from composer Russ Harris is lovingly crafted to ensure you get maximum rhythmic impact, and as always, is 100% royalty-free.

Russel Harris has over 25 years of experience in the music industry; both in the studio and on the road with musicians from The Cure, Erasure and Bastille to name a few. Over the years, he's gained notoriety among filmmakers and games developers for his off-kilter scores and atonal soundscape works - with a love for the bombastic beats of huge cinematic percussion orchestras.

Drums of the Wildlands contains well over 2 GB of incredibly unique percussion in loop and one-shot form, recorded and processed with a professional sheen that favours dynamics and transients. You'll hear incredibly unique and diverse pieces of percussion in abundance, including doumbeks, daikos, hang drums, aluminium buckets, junk Foley, steel trays - alongside classics such as cymbals, bells, toms, shakers and snares. Your rhythm sections will never be lacking again with these superb drum parts.

At tempos between 70-140bpm, Drums of the Wildlands is suited for a full range of applications – including downtempo, trip-hop, house, drum & bass, techno, hip hop and chillout music.

Product Specifications

Format: (MULTi-FORMAT)
348 x Mixed Percussion Loops
222 x Junk Foley Loops
143 x Taiko Percussion Loops
103 x Big Hit Percussion Loops
089 x Frame Percussion Loops
057 x Daiko Percussion Loops
046 x Cymbal Loops
036 x Tom Loops
029 x Djun Percussion Loops
015 x Bell Loops
004 x Doumbek Percussion Loops
004 x Metal Percussion Loops
004 x Shaker Loops
002 x Hang Drum Loops
002 x Snare Loops
201 x Pan Foley Hits
154 x Aluminium Bucket Hits
152 x Steel Tray Hits
130 x Clatter Foley Hits
126 x Iron Weight Foley Hits
095 x Foley Impacts
030 x Clunk Foley Hits
029 x Chain On Metal Hits
019 x Grill Foley Hits
019 x Soft Sampler Patches For (NN-XT - EXS-24 - SFZ - Kontakt)
44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
Complete Fully Mixed And Mastered
Compatible With All DAWs
PC & Mac Compatible
100% Royalty-Free

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