Kount Samples Vol.4

Kount Samples Vol.4

Every beatmaker knows the feeling

When you find that perfect loop

The moment you hear your own sound in the music

There's nothing quite like it...

That moment is right now

Introducing Kount Samples Vol. 4

25 Original Samples

20 Melodic One Shots (to inspire you to create your own compositions and samples using my signature analog instrumentation)

Drawing from the sonic palette of classic library records of the 60's and 70's I've created a collection of short compositions that are designed to be chopped, looped and manipulated in your own beats.

Instruments used:

Fender Rhodes mk 1
Juno 106
Yamaha DX7
Honer clavinet/pianet duo
Almansa Classical guitar
Warm audio WA-47
Teenage engineering OP-1
Teenage engineering OP-Z
Berhinger Poly-D (Minimoog clone)
Upright piano

Inspiration starts here.

Use of any of these materials subject to good faith negotiation based on my discretion with respect to the size and manner of use of the sample in question.

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