Deep Watters x Joey Lopez Rhythm and Hues

Deep Watters x Joey Lopez Rhythm and Hues

In your feelings? Rhythm & Hues is the perfect pack for you... Taking inspiration from timeless love songs and R&B classics, production duo Deep Watters and Joey Lopez deliver another versatile sample pack while self-distancing. Rhythm & Hues features ten R&B compositions that blend organic instruments and digital colors-each open enough to inspire and/or add to your next R&B smash.

With Lopez being an accomplished guitarist/musician from Puerto Rico and Watters a seasoned music producer from the Bay Area, their contrasting backgrounds and skillsets create a sound that is both unique and versatile-from eerie backdrops and classic vibes to memorable chords and catchy melodies.

All sounds are compatible with all DAWs and samplers.

Master Clearance Guaranteed.

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