Splice Originals The Glow

Splice Originals The Glow

The Glow is centered around the classic soul sounds that glittered and glowed, spiced up a notch through resampling. Producer Xan Young combined elements of classic 1970s soul with boom bap hip hop beats. He layed down guitar, Prophet 6, Arp Odyssey, Juno 60, Fender P Bass, piano, and vocals - each meticulously written and performed through Class-A 500 series preamps. Each instrument was then layered together, printed, and chopped up in much the same way someone would find a tasty segment from an old soul record and toss it in an MPC.


14 Bass Loops
23 Drum Loops
23 Electric Guitar Loops
17 Hi Hat & Top Loops
32 Melodic Stacks
30 Acoustic Piano Loops
30 Resampled Loops
31 Synth Loops
35 Vocal Loops
11 Clap One Shots
02 Cymbal One Shots
08 Hat One Shots
13 Kick One Shots
10 Perc One Shots
08 Rim One Shots
01 Snap One Shot
09 Snare One Shots
09 FX & Textures
61 Melodic One Shots

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