Industrial Strength Urban Electronica

Industrial Strength Urban Electronica

This latest Industrial Strength Fusion pack offers a path not normally taken. Since we are always up for new things, we thought this pack might be a useful tool for Urban productions.

Urban Electronica is a production pack for NI Massive. This sound set is combined with 24 Bit wav Audio. This interesting mix of Audio and presets dives into Deep Textures, Urban Bass Grooves and of course Drums and Effects.

In Fact we included 180 Drum-Shots exclusively for this Urban Production Kit. We also combined inspirational Sequences, Modern Drums and Electronic Melodies. Urban Electronica even includes 90 Midi files to twist up our presets your way.

Did i mention there are 180 Ni Massive Patches to mess up in your next remix or production?

That is correct. You get 180 custom NI Massive presets. The soundset contains Drums, Bass, Keys, Horns, Pads, Risers, Strings, Sequences, Chords and Stabs. Not bad hey.

Each Sound in the Demo was created with NI Massive. Even the Drums. You can combine the soundset with our audio, make your tweaks on midi and you’re off.

This pack gives you loads of studio possibilities to experiment with. Which is always a good thing when pushing the limits of your music. If you’re looking for a 100% License Free twist of styles. Then maybe Urban Electronica might be what you’re after.

150 Audio Loops
180 One Shots
45 Drum Loops
60 Drum Combo Loops
40 Melodic Loops
5 Fx Loops
160 NI Massive Presets
52 Drum Presets
18 Lead Presets
15 Pad Presets
12 Mallet Presets
10 String Presets
10 Organ Presets
10 Keys Presets
5 Sequence Presets
20 Rise Presets
15 Alarm Fx Presets
90 Midi Loops

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