MF80 Givenchy DK vol. I

MF80 Givenchy DK vol. I

Hi, i made this drum new kit called Givenchy, and it is MASSIVE!

The "Givenchy" Drum Kit + Sample Pack was created and curated by @prodmf80.

This kit is especially designed for Trap/R&B beats and contains literally everything you would ever need to create a dope beat.

This kit is mostly made up of homemade samples, but also contains a number of selected favorites that i've collected over the years.

This kit also contains Perc_loops made by @prodby.jxk
And original compositions created by the one and only @iamsynthetic_ (Synthetic)

This kit contains:

- 20 808s
- 20 Bass // 10 long & 10 short
- 20 claps
- 20 fx
- 20 hi-hats
- 20 open hats
- 20 kicks
- 50 percs
- 20 Rims
- 20 Risers
- 20 Snaps
- 30 snares
- 20 Textures
- 20 Drum_loops (with stems)
- 20 Perc_loops by @prodby.jxk
- 20 Original compositions*** by @iamsynthetic

This kit contains no filler sounds and have been professionally processed and mixed by j.makeen, all sounds are compatible with any DAW and comes in 24 bit wav format.

***All samples used in previews are included.

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