Aman Chauhan FUSION Brooks Sample Pack Vol.3

Aman Chauhan FUSION Brooks Sample Pack Vol.3

Third volume of my sample pack inspired by the Future House sensation, Brooks!
If you are looking for sounds that fits pretty well in the Brooks Future Bounce Zone, this pack is for you! Just drop the samples and sounds and kickstart your next track!

This Sample Pack contains-

Brooks Style Presets
-Sylenth 1 - 50 Presets (10 Bass, 15 Chords,15 Leads,3 Plucks, 5 Sub Bass, 2 White Noise)
-Serum - 40 Presets (20 Bass,5 Chords,15 Leads)
-Spire - 70 Presets (20 Bass,10 Chords,30 Leads,10 Plucks, 5 Sub Bass)

Brooks Style Samples
-185 Brooks Style Drum Samples(Kick,Claps,Clicks,Snare,Snaps,Toms,Cymbals,Percussions)
-70 Brooks Style Fills (15 Long Fills,20 Short Fills,20 Bass Fills,10 Synth Fills)
-170 FX Samples (Ambience,Downlifters,Uplifters,Drop Noise,Impacts,Misc FX,Risers,Sub Drops,FX Lines,Growl FXs,Sweeps,Transitions,Reverse Synths & Vocals)
-65 Loops (Loops,Clap Loops, Ride Loops, Hat Loops)
-40 Synths (Bass Shots,Synth Shots)

-7 Project Files

100% Royalty-Free
Xfer Serum 1.301, Sylenth 1 3.0, Spire 1.3 or higher is required to use the presets.
Fl Studio v20.7.1 or higher is required to open the project files.

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