IQ Samples Cyberpunk

'Cyberpunk' by IQ Samples shares with you cyberdelic fantasies to inspire your ideas and help you to create your own musical story.

Cyberpunk is a big story that hasn't happened yet. But it is alive in people's fantasies, and is reflected in Movies and Video Games. It has managed to influence many subcultures. Discover 89 Drum Loops, 28 Melody Loops, 30 Bassline Loops, 26 Cyber Modular Loops, 15 Cyber Atmosphere Loops, Bass and Melody MIDI, 361 One-Shots, and Cyber FX, as well as 25 various Serum Presets.

Product Details:

30 Bassline Loops
28 Melody Loops
89 Drum Loops
26 Cyber Modular Loops
15 Cyber Atmosphere Loops
60 Cyber FX
20 Cyber Hi-Hats
20 Cyber Kicks
20 Cyber Snares
40 FX
09 Bass MIDI
16 Melody MIDI
40 Hi-Hats
45 Kicks
116 Snares
25 Serum Presets
100% Royalty-Free

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