Splice Explores The American West

Splice Explores The American West

This pack explores the sounds of the American's most iconic and natural geography, including the big walls and waterfalls of Yosemite, as well as an abandoned mine in the most remote mountain range in the United States, the Deep Creek Range in Utah. With recordings of open space echoes off thousand foot rocks, massive hollow tree thumps, bird sounds, natural tunnel reverb inside an abandoned mine, and gushing waterfalls, this pack is a deep exploration of the geology, ambiences, and rhythms of the west.


39 Combined Drum & Perc Loops
10 Natural Mine Perc Loops
26 Yosemite Natural Perc Loops
10 Natural Atmosphere One Shots
128 Natural Perc Hits
41 Natural Textures
43 Processed Drum Hits
6 Tonal One Shots

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