Splice Sounds Richard Devine Voltage Aesthetics

Splice Sounds Richard Devine Voltage Aesthetics

Richard Devine is a sound designer and musician whose work, characterized by intricate rhythms and an extensive use of DSP, amassed a following within the IDM scene after his remix of Aphex Twin's "Come To Daddy.” Over the course of his 25-year career, Devine has designed patches for gear by Native instruments, Korg, Eventide, and more. His “Voltage Aesthetics” sample pack reflects his seasoned sound design chops, filled with perfectly designed sounds that are at once wacky and beautiful. Spanning versatile one shots to polished loops, Devine's sounds are nothing short of electrifying


18 Claps
16 Crashes
14 Hi Hats
24 Kicks
46 Percussion
19 Snares
54 FX
94 Loops

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