Splice Sounds Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack

Splice Sounds Micky Blue Vocal Sample Pack

Your project may be missing a crucial ingredient - a high quality vocal sample. Thankfully, Micky Blue has got you covered. Micky Blue is a singer and songwriter based in New York City, whose haunting pop sensibilities have earned her hundreds of thousands of streams across Spotify. Her sample pack, in collaboration with Joren Van Der Voort, was recorded in high quality with top microphones, has over 200 vocal melodies with a bunch of different processing and effects. Make a pop hit with these top notch toplines.


· 2 Vocal Atmospheres
· 2 Double Vocal One Shots
· 4 Vocal Hooks
· 27 Vocal Loops
· 45 Vocal Melodies
· 22 Vocal Notes
· 61 Vocal One Shots
· 7 Vocal Pads
· 21 Vocal Phrases
· 6 Short Vocal Phrases
· 4 Vocal Transitions
· 1 Vocal Wash

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