ShamanStems RAGE Trap Metal

ShamanStems RAGE Trap Metal

Exorcise your inner demons with our extreme trap metal collection swarming with furious guitar riffs, disturbed horror textures, damaged drums, piercing metallic impacts, distorted 808s and tormented screams.

'RAGE' elaborately fuses Industrial Hip-Hop, Horrorcore and Hard Trap with Nu-Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal and Digital Hardcore, interspersed with nuances of Black Metal, Post-Punk and IDM.


· 72 Drum Loops
· 29 Guitar Loops
· 17 Horror Loops
· 26 808 One Shots
· 10 Cymbal One Shots
· 18 Hi Hat One Shots
· 20 Kick One Shots
· 23 Snare One Shots
· 47 Metallic One Shots
· 23 Scream & Growl One Shots

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