Splice Sounds Vocalcium by MYLK

Splice Sounds Vocalcium by MYLK

MYLK is a UK-based vocalist, singer, and producer blending the hyper energy of J-pop music with the textures, sounds, and forward-thinking production of eclectic electronica music. After producing a first batch of twinkly vocals with Varien, MYLK returns with a new pop-ready set of sounds.


20 Attitude Vocal One Shots
10 Attitude Vocal Chops
10 Attitude Vocal Hooks
14 Commercial Melodic One Shots
15 Commercial Spoken One Shots
10 Commercial Vocal Chops
10 Commercial Vocal Hooks
13 Kawaii Melodic One Shots
15 Kawai Spoken One Shots
10 Kawaii Vocal Chops
10 Kawaii Vocal Hooks

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