Splice Sounds Ian Ewing Lakehouse Sample Pack

Splice Sounds Ian Ewing Lakehouse Sample Pack

Ian Ewing is back with his second sample pack. Self-taught instrumentalist, Ewing creates ambient compositions of sample-based sounds blended with his own instrumentation, all inspired by his love of hip hop. This collection of lo-fi sounds will add a hazy temperament and almost tropical-like energy to your project. Find drums, FX, textures, various tonalities, and vocals.


9 Crashes
13 Hats
7 Rides
13 Fills
9 Kicks
25 Drum Loops
9 Percussion One Shots
9 Percussion Loops
3 Snaps
10 Snares
10 FX
5 Textures
1 Bass Loop
13 Bass One Shots
9 Guitar Chord One Shots
2 Guitar Chord Loops
9 Piano Chord One Shots
5 Piano Chord Loops
10 Synth Chord One Shots
3 Synth Chord Loops
7 Guitar Melody One Shots
2 Guitar Melody Loops
2 Piano Melody One Shots
15 Synth Melody One Shots
1 Synth Melody Loop
3 Vocals

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