Revealed Recordings Revealed Fills Vol.1

Revealed Recordings Revealed Fills Vol.1

'Revealed Fills Vol 1' by Revealed Recordings is a collection of tools for EDM designed to fill in the gaps and make your tracks sound full and complete.

From drum builds and fills, to those big hits before a drop, 'Revealed Fills Vol 1' will give your tracks a complete and wholesome edge. Among an exemplary selection of flanging risers, there is a set of tonal rising Presets for Spire, so you can design your build-ups exactly the way you want. Each Preset has all four macros and mod-wheel assigned to the most crucial parameters to give you more control over the shape of your build-ups.

System Requirements: Spire 1.1.12

Product Details:

8 Drum Builds
10 Fill Hits
30 Fills
5 Flanging Risers
32 Spire Tonal Risers (SBF & SPF Formats)
128 BPM
100% Royalty-Free

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