Audiomodern Chroma New-Age and Cinematic Vocals

Audiomodern Chroma New-Age and Cinematic Vocals

'CHROMA' is an atmospheric selection of Cinema -ready Vocal Phrases, Chants and Spoken Words that are sure to bring a unique dreamy vibe to your cinematic productions.

These vocals have been recorded with the utmost care and attention using the greatest mics, hardware and outboard gear.

The result is a collection of lead and backing vocals that can be used to your Cinematic and Film Scoring Sessions.

60 Ethno Vocal Phrases Amin
46 Ethno Vocal Phrases Bmin
23 Ethno Vocal Phrases Cmin
24 Soprano Vocal Phrases Amin
18 Soprano Vocal Phrases Cmin
23 Soprano Vocal Phrases Emin
17 Soprano Vocal Phrases Gmin
52 Whispers & Spoken Words

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