Splice Sounds Scavenger Hunt Future Nostalgia

Splice Sounds Scavenger Hunt Future Nostalgia

Scavenger Hunt is a modernized take on the best sounds of 80's and 90's pop. The duo behind the group is instrumentalist-producer Dan Mufson and songwriter-vocalist Jill Lamoureux. Together, they produce upbeat, dancey songs with sonorous, moody vocals. Influenced by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson,​ ​Robyn,​ and ​Phoenix, the duo has its own take on pop-rock sounds with vocals that are vibrant, diverse, emotive, and inspiring.

This pack features vocals and instrumentals as varied as Scavenger Hunt's music. From dry, soloed takes to gang vocals to synthetic vocoder effects, there's something for every musical genre and style.


· 17 Basses
· 51 Drum Loops & One Shots
· 13 Electric Guitar Loops
· 1 FX
· 27 Synth Loops
· 88 Vocals

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