VOX Gothika Dark Pop Vocals

VOX Gothika Dark Pop Vocals

Blending 'in your feels' lyrics with quirky, experimental FX processing and chilling vocal hooks, Gothika - Dark Pop Vocals treats users to a wide selection of twisted vocal synths, sinister choirs, haunting delays, belted adlibs, creepy pitched voices, breathy impacts and chamber plate reverbs. Goth-Pop songstress 'Harpy' conjures dark and beautiful melodies, drawing you in and entangling you in her web like a black widow spider.

Taking inspiration from artists such as Grimes, FK Twigs, PVRIS, CHVRCHES and Purity Ring, this versatile pack covers everything from eerie and sinister cinematic through to dynamic power pop. Misery loves company, in fact it revels in it. Come join the party.


· 32 Dry & Wet Vocal Hooks ( 10 115BPM, 12 125BPM, 10 150BPM)
· 19 Adlib Loops
· 9 Choir FX Loops
· 11 Chopped Vocal Loops
· 19 Vocal Phrases
· 16 Pitched Vocals
· 20 Vocal FX Loops
· 21 Adlib One Shots
· 9 Choir FX One Shots
· 20 Vocal Impact One Shots
· 22 Lofi Vocal One Shots
· 7 Vocal Risers

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