VOX Girl Crush K Pop Vocals

VOX Girl Crush K Pop Vocals

Girl Crush K-Pop Vocals is a powerful collection of female Korean and English vocal top-lines, phrases, adlibs, pitched and chopped vocal samples. As K-Pop grows in popularity all around the world, we wanted to bring you a selection of badass and strong swag female vocals with a KPop twist.

Inspired by many elements of Hip Hop, Trap and R&B, Girl Crush is a sub-genre of K-Pop that hits hard. Expect vocal impacts, whistled hooks and dynamic yet catchy melodies with complex harmonies that immediately capture your ear and attention at every turn. With a nod to the likes of Blackpink, Everglow, and G-IDLE, we hope to bring you the joys of the Girl Crush style, to inspire and add to your creations with a fierce and confident female edge.

Written and sung by EJAE (writer of Red Velvet's "Psycho"); edited and processed by Dominique and MDA. All sounds in this pack are 100% royalty free and ready to make hits.

*Please note this is a vocals only sample pack.


· 71 Dry & Wet Vocal Hooks (24 125BPM, 23 145BPM, 24 180BPM)
· 51 Dry & Wet Adlib Loops
· 17 Distorted Vocal Loops
· 56 Dry & Wet Vocal Phrases
· 10 Pitched & Chopped Vocal Loops
· 12 Whistle Loops
· 4 Dry & Wet Vocal Adlib One Shots
· 24 Dry & Wet Gang Shouts
· 39 Dry & Wet Vocal Impacts
· 34 Dry & Wet Vocal Phrases
· 16 Dry & Wet Vocal One Shots

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