Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Synths

Gio Israel Middle East Essentials Synths

The Middle East Essentials series by Gio Israel set the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. Shedding light on both ancient and contemporary sounds of the Middle East Region.

The keyboards are a very recent addition to the musical instruments of the region, yet it seems that no real Middle Eastern Hafla (celebration) is complete without the distinguished sound of the Arabic Keyboard. From Syria, Egypt to Turkey and the rest of the region. In this pack we collected some of the most iconic, contemporary sounds of the area, played by the talented Elad Kimchi.


· 93 Arab String Loops
· 14 Clarinet Loops
· 48 Combined Loops
· 17 Zurna Loops
· 10 Arabic String One Shots
· 4 Brass One Shots
· 14 Clarinet One Shots
· 5 Pad One Shots
· 9 Synth One Shots
· 8 Zurna One Shots
· 1 Brass Phrase
· 49 MIDIs

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