Splice Sounds nicopop sounds of summer Vol.1

Splice Sounds nicopop sounds of summer Vol.1

nicopop is a dance-pop project born out of the mind of Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter, and visual artist Nicolas DiPietrantonio. Born in New York, Nico first emerged as Louis Vivet, a dance project success that earned him fans from both the dance and indie-pop worlds. After a sold-out US tour with Gareth Emery, Nicopop emerged with the release of his first single ELEPHANT, with START AGAIN following close behind. Nico frequently collaborates with other Los Angeles musicians, most recently having composed the entirety of Evalyn's EP Salvation.


· 84 Drum Loops & One Shots
· 12 FX
· 62 Tonal Loops & One Shots
· 41 Vocal Loops & One Shots

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