Zenhiser Elastic Progressive House

Zenhiser Elastic Progressive House

Elastic - Progressive House is a contemporary approach to the intricate webbings of the Progressive House sound. Shuffling its characterises between Melodic Techno & Progressive House, this sophisticated collection fuses it's foundations with raw basslines, experienced melodies, tack sharp synths, broody atmospheres, worldly fx and pristine beats.

This cross pollination of genres delivers a jet-set sample pack for producers inspired by artists including ARTBAT, Mathame, ANNA, Nakadia, Stan Kolev, Sean & Dee and Starkato. Inside the walls, you'll find over 5GB of content primed for peak time exploration. So whether you're just looking to elevate your current tracks or seeking inspirational bliss for future compositions, this sound pack will have you drenched in new sounds for months to come.

Get your studio up to speed with 'Elastic - Progressive House' today.

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