Ghost Syndicate Waves

Ghost Syndicate Waves

'Waves' by Ghost Syndicate brings you the tools for making Grime tunes with a distinct atmospheric twist. Using this sample pack you'll get to explore the hidden depths of Grime, as well as some neighbouring underground bass music genres such as Wave, Dubstep, Future Garage and Deep Trap.

Allow yourself to get away from the abandoned squats and rundown ghetto blocks often eluded to in Grime. The energy in this pack is of an otherworldly nature, and it is filled with colours you don't usually see in those areas at night. Prepare for a long swim through an atmospheric abyss, where currents of heavy basslines are wrapped into enigmatic atmospheres and interspersed with foreboding synthetic arpeggios.

All of that rested upon a sturdy rhythmic section with fat & groovy percussion and relentless in-your-face kicks & snares makes up a truly unique workshop that's meant to push the limits of your production, as well as to enrich your sonic palette when working with darker & groovier areas of bass music.

So if you're up for a thrilling journey, don't waste another second, and catch the wave now.

Product Details:

44.1 kHz/24-Bit
120/135/140 BPM
21 Atmosphere Loops
24 Bass Loops
24 Drum Loops
24 Hat Loops
24 Top Loops
24 Percussion Loops
24 Kick & Snare/Clap Loops
25 Synth Loops
22 Kicks
26 Snares/ Claps
28 Percussion Hits
28 Hats
10 FX

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