Audiotent Monolog

Creative Freedom
Each WAV loop comes in two versions, wet and dry. This gives you the freedom to apply your own effects and processing if desired.

Waveshaper Universe
Utilising powerful waveshaping capabilities, helped our team to explore deeper and develop truly unique sounding presets.

Quick Setup
The included installation guidelines will get you going in no time. It’s that easy and fast to set up.

Powerful Low-End
“Get it right at the source” is the quote you heard from many professional producers. They know from experience, there is nothing as powerful for the low-end as capturing a raw analog circuitry. The bass presets will give you unprecedented foundation and punch to your tracks.

Captivating Leads
Smooth, evolving, hypnotic or modular-like leads, we have it all covered for you.


For producers that want the full techno toolkit.
57 Korg Monologue Presets
57 Melodic MIDI Files
57 WAV Loops

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