StudioPlug Nike (Producer Kit)

StudioPlug Nike (Producer Kit)

Nike (Producer Kit) – Created by “StudioPlug” Nike Producer Kit Contains 80 drum samples, 40 midi files & 10 mixer presets in the style to make some new generation
trap beats like gunna, lil baby, juice wrld, polo g, roddy rich & more!

What is a producer kit? A producer kit available at only contains all the essentials a producer would need. After completing a purchase on any of our producer kits you will have the zip downloaded instantly. Make sure to unzip the zipped folder to reveal its contents.

After unzipping you will notice a folder titled StudioPlug – “Name Of Kit You Purchased’ (Producer Kit). Within this folder their will be 4 folders; each being a full unique Drum Kit, Midi Kit, Mixer Preset Kit & a mixed and mastered Fruity Loops Template to make beats with. You will find this very useful if you are new or long-time producer.

Finding the right drum kit can always be a hassle as not much sounds are premixed and can lead to a muddy mix. So, we came up with high quality sounds for our drum kits, to give you the ultimate producing experience. Along with finding the right sounds, creating melodic chords can take some time also if you are either experienced or unexperienced in using instruments. So, we also added 20 melodic chord melody files, added 10 hihat midi files, 5 open hat midi files & 5 808 midi files which are easy to move around and adjust to your liking.

After adding the essentials a producer should have, the producer also comes with a mixer presets folder. Mixer presets are for your mixer rack. To use the presets, simply drag and drop the preset to the channel your plugin is in, if you have a perc in your beat and it is in its own channel, simply drag and drop the perc preset to the channel its in within the mixer and see it do its work. The mixer pack included comes with 9 different mixer presets from 808s, kicks, claps etc. along with a reference of where the db volume should be for the certain instrument. Once done with the mixing process, simply drag and drop the master preset provided and you are done. This can save time and give you the mix you’ve been wanting in less than 2 minutes.

There are more Producer Kits available at to choose from all with its different unique files.


Nike (Drum Kit)

(10) 808s
(10) Claps
(10) FX
(10) HiHats
(10) Kicks
(10) Open Hats
(20) Percs

Nike (Midi Kit)

(20) Melodic Midis
(10) HiHat Midis
(5) Open Hat Midis
(5) 808 Midis

Nike (Mixer Presets) Requires FL Studio 20+

(9) Mixer Channel Presets
(1) Mixer Master Preset

Nike (FL Studio Template) Requires FL Studio 20+

(1) Mix & Mastered Template

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