Surge Sounds Melo

Surge Sounds is proud to present Melo! A creativity enhancing collection of innovative sonics and extraordinary sounds for the modern producer. We here at Surge Sounds make it our top priority to provide you with mind blowing presets that will push your productions to the next level.

MELO includes the most current and innovative sounds for Future Pop & Future Bass. With our top Future Pop & Future Bass producers on the team, nothing is left to chance when it comes to providing you with the best. Influenced by current renowned artist Marshmello. Our focus is to provide you with sounds that he himself will use & be inspired by.

All 128 Serum presets in this pack were specifically designed for forward-thinking producers who want to keep their sound current and competitive. This soundbank is packed with Hybrid Serum Presets with 34 Custom Wavetables from Brasses, Vocals, Strings, Pianos, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Organs, Mallets & more.

With 4 macros assigned on every preset you can always stay in your creative zone while tweaking to match them your artistic sound. In addition, this release comes with 3 chart-topping construction kits, 135 powerful loops & 54 top notch stems, 45 engaging melodic & drum MIDI files & 24 crisp drum samples all production-ready for you to dive into and give you an edge in the music scene.

We specifically designed a Cthulhu dedicated Bonus Pack - Melo CHRDZ. You'll discover 24 creative Cthulhu presets with 4 octaves of chords on every preset. That's 50 chords per preset! We used the white and black notes with 1200 plus chords in all 12 keys. Major, Minor, Suspended 2 and 4, Add 9 and 11, 6th and 7th chords, you name it Melo CHRDZ has it!

We are confident this release will get your creative juices flowing and will be a mind blowing addition to your sonic collection!

Product Specifications

Format: (.WAVs) & (.MIDIs) & (.Synthesizer VSTi Presets)
128 x Synthesizer VSTi Presets For (Xfer Records Serum)
039 x (Leads) Sounds
027 x (Synths) Sounds
021 x (Basses) Sounds
017 x (Plucks) Sounds
010 x (Keys) Sounds
008 x (Pads) Sounds
003 x (Pianos) Sounds
003 x (FXs) Sounds
004 x (Macros On Every Preset)
034 x Synthesizer VSTi (Xfer Records Serum Custom Wavetables)
Requirements: Xfer Records Serum v1.242+ or higher.
003 x Construction Kits - (Including: (.No-SC/Dry) (.Stems/Loops), (.Drum One-Shots) Samples, (.MIDIs) Files)
003 x Mixed & Mastered FullMix/Preview Demos - (.WAVs)
086 x Individual (.WAVs) Stems Samples Files:
054 x (WET/DRY) Melodic Stems:
016 x (Synths)
016 x (Leads)
008 x (Basses)
006 x (Plucks)
006 x (VOXs)
002 x (Pianos)
025 x Drum Stems:
004 x (Hi-Hats)
003 x (Full Drums)
003 x (Kicks)
003 x (Snare And Clap Rolls)
003 x (Snares)
003 x (Crashes)
003 x (Claps)
001 x (Drum Fill)
001 x (Snap)
001 x (Rimshot)
007 x FX Stems:
002 x (Risers)
002 x (Uplifters)
001 x (Boom)
001 x (Hit)
001 x (Ambience)
201 x Individual (.WAVs) Loops Samples Files:
135 x (WET/DRY) Melodic Loops:
044 x (Leads)
032 x (Synths)
022 x (Basses)
016 x (Plucks)
013 x (VOXs)
008 x (Pianos)
059 x Drum Loops:
012 x (Full Drums)
012 x (Hi-Hats)
011 x (Kicks)
008 x (Snares)
005 x (Claps)
004 x (Snare And Clap Rolls)
003 x (Crashes)
002 x (Rimshots)
001 x (Drum Fill)
001 x (Snap)
007 x FX Loops:
004 x (Risers)
001 x (Boom)
001 x (Hit)
001 x (Uplifter)
024 x Individual (.WAVs) Drum (One-Shots) Samples Files:
006 x (Snares)
004 x (Kicks)
004 x (Hi-Hats)
003 x (Crashes)
003 x (Claps)
002 x (Toms)
001 x (Snap)
001 x (Rimshot)
045 x Individual (.MIDIs) Files:
027 x Melodic:
008 x (Synths)
008 x (Leads)
004 x (Basses)
003 x (Plucks)
003 x (FXs)
001 x (Piano)
018 x Drum:
004 x (Hi-Hats)
003 x (Kicks)
003 x (Snares)
003 x (Claps)
002 x (Snare And Clap Rolls)
001 x (Crash)
001 x (Snap)
001 x (Rimshot)
486 x Files In Total
Key And Tempo-Labelled
44.1kHz/24-Bit High Quality
Compatible With All DAWs
PC & Mac Compatible
100% Royalty-Free

Bonus Pack - Melo CHRDZ
24 Xfer Records Cthulhu Chord Presets
50 Chords Per Preset
1200 Total Chords Across 12 Keys
Major, Minor, Suspended 2 And 4, Add 9 And 11, 6Th And 7Th Chords
Requirements: Xfer Records Cthulhu v1.195+ or higher.

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