Cymatics FX Toolkit Bundle

Cymatics FX Toolkit Bundle

What exactly is “FX Toolkit”?
With this offer, every producer will be given access to high-quality resources, whether they’re bedroom producers still in high school or some of the best producers who are killing it.

This means that no matter where you are on your production journey, you can get 900 amazing Risers, Impacts, Downlifters, Buildup Drums, Ambience, and more for less than 1 cent per file.

So, if you’ve been looking to boost your production skills without breaking the bank, this is a perfect offer to take advantage of.


Tension FX – Samples & Loops

Producers always underestimate the importance of FX in a song.

The right FX will turn a stale arrangement into an exciting adventure. Without them, you are left with a bunch of parts that don’t connect and have no flow or energy.

So with Tension, we created a whopping 150 samples and loops that will meet ANY of your FX needs!

Save yourself hours of undesirable FX work and sped up our entire production workflow with Tension FX now.


Tension FX Vol. 2 – Samples & Loops

With Tension FX Vol 2, our production team wanted to expand on the previous volume and make even MORE high quality sounds so you always have the perfect FX sample when you need it.

Our team has included everything from Buildup Drums to Risers to White Noise -- all ready for you to use and propel your tracks and arrangements to a professional level.

FX samples are crucial for any track to be coherently arranged, so make sure you get your hands on this pack now!

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