Splice Sounds Umru Sound Cache

Splice Sounds Umru Sound Cache

“Search engine optimized from birth” reads umru's Twitter bio. The Estonian-American producer, unique birthname aside, has plenty of reason to hit the top of your Google feed soon. After making waves transforming Lido's bouncy “Citi Bike” into a sinewy, floor-rumbling banger, umru's played shows across the west and east coasts and produced remixes for the likes of Y2K and Kid Froopy. To limit umru to any genre, be it future-bass, trap or hip hop, doesn't give due diligence to his elusive sound design.

According to umru, he's worked closely with a team of “scientists, music therapists, and shamans,” to create a pack with audio “processed through analog gear and Skype's audio codec algorithm.” That part about shamans and Skype may or may not be true, but the sound design is otherworldly enough that it may as well be true. If you're searching for hard-hitting drums and heavy 808s, let umru's pack hit the top of your search results.

Demo track by umru, verzache, william crooks, and Røhaan.

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