SonalSystem Power Tools Hard Rock Guitars (Silver)

SonalSystem Power Tools Hard Rock Guitars (Silver)

Already presented in song format, Power Tools Hard Rock Guitars are easy to use, allowing a quick workflow that is crucial in the rapidly developing music industry.

Each of these three editions come equipped with 10 song packs, providing a variety of tempos and keys to expand the creative mind. The ten Individual Song Packs are simply broken down by Intro, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Outro, and End.

These amplified FX guitar loops come pre-mixed and ready to go, with perfected panning, clear EQ, and tasteful compression.


By using an extensive variety of amps, pedals, and guitars, this library provides loop options that will amplify every genre of music. Each edition includes 200+ effected guitar loops; the Gold and Platinum come with an additional 360+ dry guitar loops; and the Platinum contains the ultimate package with additional 360+ DI guitar loops and 360+ raw guitar loops.


Amps: Engl, Powerball II; Mesa Boogie, Triple Rectifier; Blackstar, Series One 100; Diezel, VH4; Marshall, JVM410H; Hughes & Kettner; EVH, 5150 III; Orange, Dark Terror
Pedals: Ibanez, Tubescreamer TS9; MXR, Fullbore Metal; Blackstar, HT-METAL; Electro-Harmonix, East River Drive; EarthQuaker Devices, Talons
Guitars: '82 Fender Contemporary Stratocaster, '78 Les Paul Standard, ESP LTD GL-200K, Schecter C-1 Apocalypse

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