Soundvolt Drum and Bass Snares Vol.1

Soundvolt Drum and Bass Snares Vol.1

Are you looking for some instant phat sounding snares you can drag and drop straight into a project, or the foundation of a killer punchy snare that can be layered to punch straight through the mix?

Soundvolt present Drum & Bass Snares Vol 1, including 70 lovingly crafted and processed snares that pack punch and clarity that cut straight through the mix.

These snares can be used in multiple genres, and sub genres such as Neuro, Jump Up, Modern DnB, Dancefloor, and from Breakbeat through to Dubstep.

This Pack contains 70 Snare Drum Hits broken down into the below categories.

14 Layered Snares
20 Phat Snares
19 Pitched Snares
17 Reverb Snares

Pack Details:

24 Bit
44100Hz Sample Rate
100% Royalty Free

Only the snare hits from the demo are included in this pack, all other sounds are for demonstrational purposes only.

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