Noiiz Things That Go Squish

Noiiz Things That Go Squish

The sound of things going squish is like no other. It's somehow unsettling, interesting and a little bit gross all at the same time. We're not quite sure what you'll do with these, all we do know is that they sound fascinating and are yours to get creative with!

To create the pack we squeezed, splatted, mashed and pulped all sorts of different gooey things, vegetables and liquids - we created a real mess if we're honest! We also fed a collection of the sounds through some morphing effects chains to make things even weirder.

The result is a super squelchy collection of sounds that range from cute and burbling, to alien-like and monstrous! Try morphing with vocals for even weirder sounds, add some 'burble' to your percussion or startle your ideas with a roar from outer-space!

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