Virtual Acoustic Guerrini Superior 4

Virtual Acoustic Guerrini Superior 4

Guerrini Professional 4 for NI Kontak is sample pack of accordion Guerrini Professional 4 sampled at highest 24-bit quality, with best studio equipment and in 3 velocity layers. Sample pack consists 11 solo and 1 bass register. Each of registers are sampled in 4 variations and 3 levels of dynamic, from soft (slow and gently) to very staccato (fast and sharp). Sample pack includes graphic user interface where is possible to change registers (voices) or it may be done by pressing "switch keys" in the first and zero octave on keyboard (MIDI controller). This allows you to have fully functional realistic accordion for usage in Native Instruments Kontakt and is perfect for studio production and live performing.


- Guerrini Professional 4, buttoned accordion, 1974th year
- 44.1 KHz / 24-bit
- 2212 samples / 486 MB
- All original 11 right hand registers / 43 buttons
- Left hand “Organtone Bass” register / 120 buttons
- Right and left hand in the same instrument (patch)
- 4 variations for right hand (Intelligent random X4)
- 2 variations for left hand (Intelligent random X2)
- Right hand instruments in 3 dynamic levels
- Right hand voices looped – unlimited length
- Controllable key, release and register noises
- Built-in changeable reverb, echo and attack time
- Force playing gently, normal or sharp
- Visual information of basic voices in use
- Dynamic bellow control controllable by expression pedal
- Natural “suffocate” tone effect
- Vibrato – bellow shake (left hand effect)

System Requirements:

Native Instruments Kontakt 5.0.2 or above (full version)
Free Kontakt Player is not supported!
Low latency sound card
1GB free Hard drive space for the sample pack

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