SoundBits Handwriting

SoundBits Handwriting

No matter if in a Feature-, Short- or Image-Film a Commercial on TV or Radio or even in music production there is very often that one scene where you need the sound of handwriting. In this composite Sound Effects collection you get 841 files containing 2000+ of different handwriting sounds from different pens, pencils, crayons, chalk on blackboard, felt pens, markers, yes even brushes and writing in sand or carving in stone. All this in many variations from writing words and sentences, strokes, periods and doodling …

List of writing tools used:

•Ball Pen
•Fountain Pen
•Felt Pens
•Text Marker
•Whiteboard Marker
•Wax Crayon
•Graffiti Can
•Writing in Sand
•Metal carving in Stone

Number of files: 841 files
Quality: 96kHz / 24bit

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