Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets

Just Sound Effects Steampunk Gadgets

STEAMPUNK GADGETS opens the gate into the intricate realm of gears, cogs and mechanisms. This collection of mechanical sound effects is an auditory passport to a Victorian-era workshop where the future meets the past through the whisper of steam-powered machinery and the rattle of small mechanical devices.

The library offers a palette of sounds ranging from the subtle clicks of lock mechanisms to the complex operations of miniature steam-powered inventions. It's perfect for creating custom machines, enhancing the tactile feel of game environments or adding a unique mechanical touch to user interfaces and interactive designs.

Included are source recordings as well as pre-designed sounds. You get a variety of recordings of small mechanisms like gear wheels, springs, buttons, various handling and a big array of completely designed machine processes and mechanics. Design the locking mechanism of a puzzle box, bring mechanical gadgets to life or set the background atmosphere of a factory hall.

STEAMPUNK GADGETS isn't just for designing small mechanisms; it's an essential collection for anyone crafting the sounds of intricate machinery. Enhance your weapon sound design, create big industrial machines or design everyday mechanical devices. Dive into a world where the smallest sounds leave the biggest impression and let this collection of finely-crafted sound effects become the gearbox of your mechanical sound design work.

Create weapon and gun handling or other short mechanical movements and processes.

Construct all kinds of mechanisms such as gearwheels, rotations, springs, levers and locking mechanisms.

Design complex machinery, from small devices to large steam-powered machines, driven by powerful mechanical rhythms.

Use the sounds as a resource to create soundscapes for entire factory halls or general steampunk atmospheres.

Recordings - Bells

- 4 files
- 28 sounds

Recordings - Buttons, Clicks & Switches

- 44 files
- 430 sounds

Recordings - Gear Wheels & Rotation

- 70 files
- 439 sounds

Recordings - Short Mechanisms

- 84 files
- 560 sounds

Recordings - Steam & Air

- 12 files
- 57 sounds

Designed - Backgrounds

- 8 files
- 8 sounds

Designed - Buttons & Clicks

- 17 files
- 150 sounds

Designed - Gear Wheels

- 36 files
- 156 sounds

Designed - Handling

- 27 files
- 129 sounds

Designed - Hits & Impacts

- 24 files
- 182 sounds

Designed - Machines

- 49 files
- 49 sounds

Designed - Mechanisms

- 66 files
- 287 sounds

Well-organized sound libraries improve your workflow and save a lot of time. That's why our sound effects are categorized according to the Universal Category System and embedded with rich descriptive metadata.

The UCS aims at a consistent categorization of sound effects, a uniform file name structure and easier maintenance of a sound effects library.

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