GameDev Market Cards And Casino Voice Announcer

GameDev Market Cards And Casino Voice Announcer

Cafofo's Cards and Casino Voice Announcer comes with 520 high-quality male voice words and phrases for casino, card games, board games, sports etc.

Each word/phrase come with at least three variations for better usage.


→ All the cards suits, numbers and ranks.
→ Generic expressions, events, and call to actions, such as: Press a bet; Push; Shuffle; Show cards; Chose your bet
→ Expressions of classic games like Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack, such as: Royal Flush; Full House; Straight Up; Chip Change; Card Counting; Hole Card
…and much, much more!
Consider our “Casual Game Voice Announcer” for additional content.

All files are 44.1 KHz, 16 Bit.

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